The interior, located at the peak of fashion and often found on the spacious kitchens will be relevant and in a small area with proper combinations of shades. The ideal colour solution for small kitchens will be gray and white tones with accents of mint, green, yellow and brown.
The next step will be the right lighting, which will make working in the kitchen convenient. Simple lines, warm colors and soft light will make even the smallest kitchen is cozy, but spacious drawers and judicious placement of equipment – the most functional.
The furniture is better to choose light colours that will give weightlessness to the interior and visually make the kitchen area more.

This style is perfect for a small space. It is often used to design kitchens in the Studio apartments. All the extra details it is important to hide behind the decorative facades, and furniture to pick up so that it was possible to change the size of the dining and working area.
Color scheme is selected in accordance with the overall style of the apartment, and the absence of decorative elements allows you to save enough space. As a result of careful arrangement of furniture, kitchen appliances and rasplanirovke lighting, creates a compact functional kitchen space, inferior to a huge kitchen with a capacity of dining areas.

The right approach allows you to create interesting interiors to any size without compromising ease of use or originality of design. Of course, able to consider all the nuances and little things will not work, so it is best to seek help from a professional. A competent designer will be able to optimize even the smallest space, taking into account all wishes of the owner. So become the owner of a modern user-friendly kitchen and everyone can, regardless of its size.