Carefully review the documents you received from the insurance organization when you make a transaction. First, it is an insurance policy or insurance agreement, and second, this is a document under which payment is made for services of the insurer, invoice or receipt. In each of these above documents must bear the number of the contract, which was rated by the insurer at the conclusion.
Consider a insurance policy. The number assigned to him at the conclusion of the transaction between you and the insurer, usually stamped in the top right or left. Most insurance companies use to generate a numberand the numbers and letters of Latin and Russian. Standard for all companies the insurance policies are numbered in the upper right corner and have an alpha series digital room.
Please note on the cover page of the insurance contract, if between you or the entity that you represent, was awarded that contract, and the policy was not issued. The title of the document will indicate the numberassigned to the contract. Usually, the insurers writing the following: "Contract of liability insurance of the tow no. XX/xxx/XX of 08.08.08".
Examine the documents on the basis of which you pay the service insurance Agency. If you represent a legal entity, the insurance company was billed, it should be the basis of payment, for example, "the Payment of the insurance premium under the insurance contract construction risks no. xxxx from 11.11.11". If you are an individual, and paid according to the receipt, look at the line "purpose of payment", it must be specified the type of insurance and number of the policy.
Call the insurance company with which you signed the contract. Ask the Secretary to connect you to that Department, which deals with a specific type of insurance, for example, the insurance Department or the Department of cargo insurance. Provide the Department name or the name of the insured who signed the insurance contract. Ask the service technician to find out in the database by name or name number of the policy.