Why smoke weed?

Often people start Smoking pot to achieve a state of euphoria. In this state, people feel cheerful and happy. Usually the effect of marijuana lasts about two hours, but it all depends on the dose of drugs and duration of its application. Sometimes the euphoria can last a very long time.

Dependence on weed

If you use pot every day, then after a while you notice a huge psychological dependence on weed. It is manifested in such factors as sleepiness without the use of doses, poor mood, a desire to smoke, take another dose. In other words, the person experiences withdrawal.

Very experienced pot smokers can be observed irritability, insomnia, nausea and convulsions. High blood pressure usually accompanied by hallucinations. The rejection of marijuana can lead a smoker to a nervous breakdown, the ingress of appetite, unmotivated aggression. Naturally, such a condition is dangerous to others. In addition, there are risks of suicide.

Symptoms of intoxication with weed

Intoxicated from Smoking marijuana, people show symptoms such as dilated pupils of eyes, euphoria, increased activity, committing inappropriate behavior. In a state of euphoria the addict begins to go from fun state to apathetic, and Vice versa. This happens very abruptly. From addicts with experience can be seen as signs of unwarranted aggression.

The consequences of overdose

Abuse of weed can lead to overdose. And it is very dangerous. This condition is defined by pain of death, to smoke a drug addict, hallucinations and delusions of persecution. In the morning his condition will resemble a hangover. He will feel loss of appetite, headache, and lethargic state.

Treatment depends on the weed

To treat the addict from the addiction, of course, must specialist. For treatment dependent the addict is given in the use of sleeping pills and sedatives that helps remove toxicity. Also with their help, relieve arrhythmias and hypertensive crisis.


If a person has a desire to get rid of dependence on drugs, he may conduct an independent therapy. First of all, you need to stop communicating with people who use drugs. You can find some interesting hobby and start a diary. To distract thoughts on Smoking a good way is listening to music. Discomfort smoker will experience about six weeks. This time you need to survive, that is why in the period of quitting Smoking are very important the support of loved ones.