The clutch you need to disconnect the transmission input shaft and engine crankshaft. It is used for smooth starting, gear shifting occurs without jerks and squeaks. The VAZ 2107 is applied single-disc clutch with hydraulic drive.

This drive is more complicated than cable actuated, but it also has its advantages. Most importantly – easy pedal effort you need to exert less. To change the clutch assemblies you will need to fully remove the transmission. And during the procedure, you need to look at the other items for defects.

Removing the transmission

To make work easier on a pit or overpass. Preferably, but not necessarily, the presence of the assistant, because work is needed both under the hood and under the car. We must start from the top, disconnecting the battery. After freezing, disconnect all the wires connecting the transaxle and the engine. The salon understands the shift lever.

The starter should be removed, and the tank drain all the liquid. Work from the top until it's over, move under the bottom. Unscrew the propeller shaft. Here we must be careful, because you have to mark the position of the cardan shaft flange on the rear axle and on the splines at the checkpoint. If the set is not as it was, it could cause hum and extraneous vibration.

From the box to disconnect the reverse sensor and the cable of the speedometer. The clutch actuator cylinder is attached to two bolts that need to Unscrew and remove in the direction of the cylinder. The penultimate is to Unscrew the nuts that secure the box to the bottom. But the last – Unscrew the four bolts to the engine.

And then you need to rip the box to do so is sometimes difficult. To facilitate your work, set the speed selector lever in the position corresponding to third gear. Avoid sudden drop down box, if you do not plan to change the clutch basket. But the best option is to replace all nodes, namely:

• master and slave drives.
• release bearing;
• the wreath of a flywheel;
• 6 attachment bolts of the basket.

The bolts should be changed in any way.

Install clutch and Assembly

With the installation of the basket and the driven disc is necessary to observe alignment. Otherwise it will not work to connect the box and the engine, the input shaft will be in its place. If there is no centering device, you can use an old input shaft, disc, machined to size or a section of pipe of suitable diameter.

Tighten the bolts only after the alignment. After removed from the box input shaft release bearing, install new one. Now you can collect all. Install and reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly. Note crosses the propeller shaft, outboard of the bearing. If need be, make their replacement.