You will need
  • GPS tracker, mobile phone, personal computer.
The operation of a GPS tracker is simple and complex at the same time. The technology for the user of the device looks very simple: a small device that you can put in the car to give to a child or to hang on the dog collar receives data from satellites about the location using a GPS receiver then sends this data to a special website on the Internet, and mobile phone owner tracker. The owner can track all the way around the map on the website online from any device (tablet, personal computer or phone).
Technically it's all a bit complicated. The tracker can't work without preinstalled in it sim card via GPRS (mobile Internet) and will send the information about the point location on the map on your cell phone and on specialized sites. Thanks to create the website for the track you will be able not only to identify the location of the device, but also to trace the entire path (for example, so you can not figure out whether the child skips school). Save function the route is as vital to the people engaged in cargo transportation, tracking of valuable goods on the road.
In cases when it is impossible to catch GPS signals (high clouds, the rain, the enclosed space), the tracker connect to GSM networks. This gives a more pronounced error in finding the tracker, but it amounts to only 100-150 meters.
In case of deviations from the route, the owner of the tracker can enable listening to the sounds around tracker. The microphone is not very strong, so you can only hear that happen very close to the device, but sometimes it's very comforting to parents who worry for their children. Besides, the GPS tracker can also perform certain functions "SOS button". This is very convenient for communication in cases when there is no possibility to use a mobile phone. Need the telephone number entered in the memory of the tracker in advance, then simply click just one button. In addition, you can add another 2-3 room, to be able to use the tracker as an emergency cellphone.
GPS trackers are mostly working on batteries, so do not forget about recharging the last. The more often the signal from the device, the faster it gets charged. The battery also puts the use of additional features: the vibration sensor and downs, panic buttons and listening to background sounds.