Restore the navigation software for the iGo version 2006 or update it to version 2008 GPS the Garmin nuvi 350 is as follows. Download to your computer the program version iGo 2006 on the website or program version iGo 2006 on the website Connect your device to your computer via ActiveSync. Open in Windows Explorer the folder list in the Navigator and locate the folder Flash_Storage. Install it in the iGo (only one version!).
Create in any simple (not Word) text editor, the file autorun.inf with the following content: navigation=\Flash_Storage\igo\igopna.exe. Place the file autorun.inf in the folder Flash_Storage. Start auto search and after the discovery of navigation satellites set the desired port GPS receiver.
Is iGo software you can also install navigation software Navitel, download it on the website After downloading make the installation as follows.
Install on your computer ActiveSync version 4.5. Format the memory card of the Navigator to the file system FAT or FAT32. Unpack the archive with Navitel in the root directory of the memory card. Connect your device to your computer in the "Guest". Copy into the computer, autorun.inf from the folder Flash_Storage and edit it in any text editor, changing the line navigation=\Flash_Storage\igo\igopna.exe on line navigation=\MMC_Storage\Navitel\Navitel.exe. Save the file in the folder Flash_Storage instead of the old file autorun.inf.
Download the navigation maps for Navitel Navigator (for example, torrent trackers or website and save them to the root directory of the memory card of the Navigator. Index cards and create a Atlas. Set the path to the maps.
The process of setting up a gps navigation is simple. However, don't forget to save to your computer a backup copy of the original version of autorun.inf, so you can restore the original software of the Navigator in case of failure settings.