What herbs to brew tea

Virtually any medicinal plants to make herbal tea. Use to drink not only leaves and stems. Great teas are obtained, for example, from hips or berries. To make tea from a single plant or mixing several components, getting herbal, with a wonderfully pleasant and original taste.

Depending on the state of health folk medicine recommends certain herbs. For example, mint has a calming effect, hawthorn is good for the heart, and the ginger has a positive effect on the digestive system. However, remember that herbs also have contraindications. So you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of regular consumption of herbal teas.

Most popular in Russia was a drink made from meadowsweet, fireweed uzkolisty, mint, chamomile, hawthorn. To keep drink as many nutrients, you should know how to brew tea correctly.

Rules of brewing herbal tea

Preparation of medicinal herbal teas requires the use of purified water. Tap water is often saturated with chlorine, iron, and gives the drink an unpleasant taste. In addition, such water is not recommended for cooking. The best option of well or spring water.

Pure spring water does not need to boil. Enough to heat it to 80-85 degrees. If the boiling water has become a habit, you must wait until the boiling water cools down to specified temperature. 200 ml of water take a tablespoon of vegetable collection.

You should stick to a certain time when brewing beverage. So, inflorescences and leaves of plants, it is recommended to brew for 3 minutes. Seeds and tough leaves – approximately 5 minutes. The roots and bark of plants kept for 10 minutes.

Capacity in which brewed herbs, be sure to cover the lid. The tea will contain much more nutrients, if the bark, fruits and roots to pre-chop. A good addition to the drink is a teaspoon of natural honey.

In the old days for making herbal tea used special utensils made of lime tree wood which is kept the warmth of the drink for a long time. Currently brewing herbs using clay or porcelain teapots. Metal tea kettles ruining the taste of the tea and significantly reduce its value.