Here, for example, grass-darling, or as it is often called "darling". Hang the bundle of herbs in the room, any ailment will bypass your house party, and the mood is good, and the immunity will increase.

Got bit by a mosquito? RUB in the fingers Rayhan (Rayhan) and lubricate the bite this juice. Relieves itching and swelling from stings of any insect!

Festered scratch? Hurt finger? The kid fell and skinned knee? Help fragrant red or cornflower. Wash the abrasion with a tincture or make a fresh leaf, crush it a little to let the juice.

Trouble with the stomach? Need to improve digestion? Come Chow Rean Armenian. Reagan Azerbaijan also perfect!

Aching teeth? Inflammation of the oral cavity? Urgently prepare the decoction for rinsing of grass gambel! The same decoction can help in diseases of the bladder.

You need to adjust the roundness of the figures? Great promotes slimming tea (at the 1st leaf per Cup of boiling water), peppermint and rytinki.

That way, the whole garden some herbs to plant right! – decide what you. And you will be wrong. Magic pot, only one – the Basil garden, the names of her different. And it is known to mankind since the XVI century. This herb is one of the favorite spices of national cuisines of the Caucasus and Asia.

Besides its therapeutic properties are confirmed by scholars of our time. Basil leaves – a valuable source of rutin and carotene; it is obtained from camphor, eugenol and other essential oils; and it is the raw material for producing vanillin, that's why loosely translated his name sounds like "sweet".

Men on the note: this remarkable plant helps to increase the potency and enhance sexual desire for both sexes. Generously add the Basil to soups, salads and sauce, simmer it with meat and fish, eat yourself to health and treat the ladies. Just remember that Basil is a medicinal plant, not carried them to fanaticism.

And flowering Basil is a wonderful honey plant. And don't forget to put the honey where the ants are seated aphids, - neither the aphid nor its owners-ants can't stand the smell of essential darling. Healthy yourself – healthier garden!

So many Goodies from the usual weed, no Luke not far behind! And far more helpful than any pharmaceutical "chemistry"!