Types of herbal tea

There is a huge variety of teas, made from bouquets of herbs. Secrete teas, vitamin and has a pronounced therapeutic effect, cooling and Vice versa, warming. Such teas are easy to make yourself. You only need to understand domestic and wild herbs and gather them in the places remote from highways. Perfect for tea mint leaves and St. John's wort, thyme and oregano, raspberries and strawberries.
Pick plants for tea in the flowering period.

Added to tea, Linden flowers, Jasmine or rose hips will give the drink a unique delicate flavor, strawberries, raspberry, currant — sweet taste.

The retention time of herbal tea

The concept of "fresh" for such a drink as tea, is unacceptable. In the case of tea it is customary to talk about the correct storage of the product. To dried grass lost some of its specific taste and aroma, as well as the variety of useful properties, it is necessary to consider a number of features during the storage of herbal tea.

First, it can absorb moisture from the environment, and this leads to deterioration of the product. Therefore, it is important to follow correct storage. Place the prepared tea in a porcelain composition, glass containers or bags of foil. The fact that such a container does not have peculiar smell, is moisture and foreign flavors. Important point: the containers selected for storage of tea, must have a tight lid or some other way to seal tea.

Second, the herbal tea is very easy to absorb a variety of odors, losing its unique flavor. It is therefore necessary to store it in a tightly closed container. Not suitable for packing tea collection paper bags, plastic and metal utensils.

The room in which there is herbal tea for a long time, should be warm and well ventilated, but not with high humidity. Subject to the above conditions, to store the tea for several months and even years. Useful properties of the drink not lost, and the flavor will remain the same pleasant and rich.

But the brewed tea is composed of herbal compositions, it is necessary to drink during the day, because a day later it will not have all their beneficial properties, lose the familiar smell and taste.
Many women renowned Tibetan collection, which contributes to rejuvenation of the body.

Keep in mind that herbal teas can be consumed only after consulting a doctor. Because this tea is not just a drink, it is a complete cure, and herbs included in its composition, may have different contraindications.