In specialized shops along with the tea sold herbal blends. You can buy them, but you can make your own from herbs available at hand. These teas can be not only healthier, but tastier than store-purchased mixes, because they will be composed to suit their own tastes and needs. Particularly useful herbs growing in the area where people live.


Popular name fireweed – "Ivan-tea". Brew the dried leaves of this plant, you can get a great tea-like beverage. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water 2 tablespoons dried fireweed leaves, insist 10 minutes and then drink, dilute with water to taste.

The beneficial properties of this "tea" can hardly be overestimated. It has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and sedative effect. Shouldn't be drinking "tea" from willow before the journey or before you sleep, because it has a diuretic effect.


Very useful tea from the hips. Fruits contain more vitamin C than lemon or black currant, are present in them and other vitamins – B1, B2, B6, E, K, PP. Broth hips lowers blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels.

The easiest recipe of the beverage is as follows: 20 g of fruit – 5 g lemon juice 15 g of honey. You can combine rose hips with other ingredients – for example, take 20 g of the fruit 10 g Rowan berries and 5 g of leaves of oregano.

Can be prepared on the basis of rose hips tonic drink: 20 g of fruit – 10 g of berries, wild cherry, 30 g of nettle leaves and 20 blueberries. This mixture in the amount of one tablespoon boiled for 10 minutes, the Gulf Cup of boiling water, and then infused for hours, drink with honey.

Other tonic mixture includes, along with 30 g of rose hips the same amount of nettle leaves, 10 g of lingonberry leaves and honey to taste. Bay tablespoon of the mixture 2 cups boiling water, to simmer for 10 minutes, then 2 hours to insist in a thermos.

Other herbal teas

Herbal blends to tea-like drinks you can make independently. You need to be careful, because a few herbs possessing a strong flavor, such as lemon balm, mint, thyme – can when mixing to give a very unpleasant smell. It is better to include in the mixture one such grass and a few neutral.

As example recipes vitamin teas. Such mixtures are not medicinal, they can drink all people and in any quantity.

To prepare strawberry tea, you will need 2 g of mint and St. John's wort 10 g of strawberry leaves. Rowan tea prepared from dried berries of mountain ash (30 grams), raspberry (5 g), black currant leaves (2 g). Heather tea can be prepared from 2 g of leaves of Heather, the same number of leaves of rose hips and 10 g of strawberry leaves.