You will need
  • - fruits;
  • - vegetables;
  • - healthy foods.
Pay attention to the qualitative composition of food, trying to reduce flour, sweet and fatty. Except for the fact that such products are not very useful for the child, they lead to weight gain.
Try to eat regularly, not abusing snacking. If before lunch still far away, and the appetite is already played out, eat any fruit or vegetable. Under these snacks will not have any problems with bowel or overweight. The child will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals, so the benefits of healthy eating are obvious.
In order not to get fat during pregnancy, do not eat dinner dense and heavy food. Often extra weight gain because of evening and night meals.
Once again going to the fridge, think about whether or not it leads to feelings of hunger, or just want something tasty. There is a simple test: a hungry man will gladly eat a bowl of soup with a piece of bread, and meatless vegetable stew. If you want a sweet pastry or a piece of meat, rather, we are talking about overkill. Dissolve very easy, especially when there is such good reason as pregnancy.
If you resist the temptations of not enough willpower, try not to keep sweets or flour at home, allowing yourself sweets or other treats only occasionally.
Remember that excess weight during pregnancy is typed in very easily, then how to lose weight then would be long and painful. If the number of kilograms will be over a dozen, this process can take years. This is a worthy motivation in order to restrain their desires.
Keep an active lifestyle and how you can move more. This not only prevents weight gain but also good for the baby.