Make the norm to start the day – Breakfast, even if you do not want to eat and there is morning sickness. A nutritious Breakfast will not feel to dinner a truly wolfish appetite. Never cram the night and never starve yourself, adhering to strict diets.
Snack during the day, if I felt hunger, but you are far from home, not burgers and chips with bread and fruits (Apple, banana, pear), vegetables (cucumber, tomato, piece of fresh cabbage), yogurt, bread, a handful of dried fruit, serving of nuts. Wear your favorite of the listed products with you so that you can eat on the go.
Make a rational menu in the morning and throughout the day. Should not be during the day, eat the same foods. A pregnant diet should be varied. In the morning, for example, eat milk porridge with oatmeal or cottage cheese with sour cream. Lunch vegetable soup, a piece of boiled or baked meat, poultry, fish. For dinner, prefer something very easy – a salad of fresh vegetables, fruit, yogurt.
Do not use in your diet completely useless for you at this time products: fried, spicy, too fatty, canned, "fastfudnyh", spicy, too sweet. Eat less flour, a little salt, just to bring down a huge desire to eat a pickle.
Think of "eaten" calories during the day, and do not listen to the advice of friends to eat for two. A normal amount of calories for a pregnant woman per day – up to 2000-2500. Make a note of the tables of caloric content of different foods is most useful and arrange the daily menu, not exceeding the number of permitted calories.