Advice 1: How to eat pregnant not to gain weight

Some women put on during pregnancy critical 30 extra pounds after giving birth and don't want to leave their owners. To return a girl's weight is so hard. Much easier during pregnancy one should eat not to gain weight, but rather to increase the weight up to the standards that should be in various stages of pregnancy.
How to eat pregnant not to gain weight
Make the norm to start the day – Breakfast, even if you do not want to eat and there is morning sickness. A nutritious Breakfast will not feel to dinner a truly wolfish appetite. Never cram the night and never starve yourself, adhering to strict diets.
Snack during the day, if I felt hunger, but you are far from home, not burgers and chips with bread and fruits (Apple, banana, pear), vegetables (cucumber, tomato, piece of fresh cabbage), yogurt, bread, a handful of dried fruit, serving of nuts. Wear your favorite of the listed products with you so that you can eat on the go.
Make a rational menu in the morning and throughout the day. Should not be during the day, eat the same foods. A pregnant diet should be varied. In the morning, for example, eat milk porridge with oatmeal or cottage cheese with sour cream. Lunch vegetable soup, a piece of boiled or baked meat, poultry, fish. For dinner, prefer something very easy – a salad of fresh vegetables, fruit, yogurt.
Do not use in your diet completely useless for you at this time products: fried, spicy, too fatty, canned, "fastfudnyh", spicy, too sweet. Eat less flour, a little salt, just to bring down a huge desire to eat a pickle.
Think of "eaten" calories during the day, and do not listen to the advice of friends to eat for two. A normal amount of calories for a pregnant woman per day – up to 2000-2500. Make a note of the tables of caloric content of different foods is most useful and arrange the daily menu, not exceeding the number of permitted calories.
The norm of increase in weight during pregnancy are 10-12 kg, which during the initial visit to the gynecologist and registration of a pregnant woman tells a specialist. Recruited during pregnancy weight more than 10-12 kg leads to resentment of doctors, edema in pregnant women, compulsory fasting days in her diet, salt-free diet, possible hospitalization during pregnancy, a difficult birth and complications during them.
Useful advice
To keep a normal weight will help the physical education, leisure. There are special complexes of exercises during different periods of pregnancy. To include in the program support the weight of Hiking in the fresh air, swimming in the pool, Hatha yoga for pregnant women.

Advice 2 : As a pregnant woman needs to gain weight

Pregnancy is a particularly important and crucial period in a woman's life. She feels like inside of her growing and developing baby. For the normal development of the fetus is necessary that the mother regularly received a varied and balanced food in the necessary quantity. One of the factors allowing to conclude whether eats a pregnant woman is weight.
As a pregnant woman needs to gain weight
To save on food during this period is simply unacceptable. It is possible to cut all other expenses, but the pregnant needs to get enough food. In some cases, pregnant women with deficiency of weightbut, children are born, weightan introduction to system administration-less than 2.5 kg. Respectively, these newborns develop slower and get sick more often in comparison with peers-fortress.
Of course, some "standard", mandatory standards on the addition of weight. After all, every pregnant woman gains weight depending on a number of factors. You should consult with an experienced, qualified physician to compose your individual schedule that should be targeted.
If the first trimester of pregnancy is severe (severe morning sickness, General feeling unwell), set weightand can be very small, less than 1 kilogram. In some cases, weight may not increase. With more or less easy pregnancy (moderate or low toxicity), the set weightand is usually from 1 to 2 pounds. If a pregnant young age (less than 18 years of age), with a light pregnancy, the norm is the addition of 2 to 3 kilograms.
Second trimester in most cases is characterized by constant, slow increase in weight. This process stabiliziruemost. Weekly gain weightand ranges between 0.3 and 0.5 kilograms in a month a pregnant woman should recover approximately 1.3 – 2.2 kg. And this continues also in the third trimester until birth.
Do not be afraid to find a slight deviation from the schedule. This is completely normal. But if the deviation is significant, you should consult with your doctor to be examined, to make adjustments in the meals.
You should also not allow that there is a great deal of excess weight. Because it can damage the child in childbirth, and to get rid of extra pounds then it will be difficult. Therefore, even though a pregnant since the beginning of the second trimester feel "ravenous appetite", we should still try to control myself.

Advice 3 : As during pregnancy is not fat: make a proper menu

During pregnancy some women are afraid to gain extra pounds, so try to limit yourself to food. Only doctors are against such measures, they recommend the right diet of food, in which, the woman will not get fat.
As during pregnancy is not fat: make a proper menu

How much better can a pregnant

It is a mistake to assume that a pregnant woman should eat for two. In any case the portions are not expected to increase. Special attention should be given to quantity, but the quality of food. OK, the woman who is expecting a child soon puts on 10-12 pounds. This includes the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, enlarged uterus and a small weight gain for the expectant mother.

Doctors say that in the first 6 months caloric intake pregnant should not be increased, but after six months it is necessary to add another 200 kcal. This is because the baby begins to actively grow in the third trimester, and will need those calories.

What should be included in the diet of pregnant

The simplest way to count calories can be pre-planned menu. A woman should eat a full and varied that the kid had the opportunity to obtain all the necessary substances.

Excess weight in pregnant women cause the products are sweet, starchy and fatty and fast food. Everything is standard: we simply need to replace nutrients. For example, fat meat is replaced by a perfectly boiled chicken, Turkey, rabbit. They are rich in protein, which is so necessary for the future mother and the baby.

Twice a week the woman in position, you need to eat a serving of boiled, steamed or baked fish. Because it contains phosphorus and calcium. Fish and meat is best combined with a vegetable side dish or cereal. So it is best to digest all the nutrients.

A great alternative to sweet desserts will be cottage cheese with fruit or berries. Such treats the expectant mother will not gain extra pounds, and still get a lot of useful minerals.

Nutrition of pregnant should be a fraction, you need all the meals to be divided into 5-6 times. Then are virtually eliminated cases of overeating and strong cravings. As snacking can lay up fruit or small handful of nuts.

To avoid strong hunger, doctors recommend to consume more healthy drinks-berry fruit drinks, herbal teas, diluted fruit juice, water without gas. Drinks will help to fill the shortage of vitamins and a little to dull the constant feeling of hunger.

To make it easier to stick to a proper diet during pregnancy, it is necessary for him to go in advance already at the planning stage. Then the woman would not have any problems and the weight will be in accordance with the norm.
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