Eat right from day one of pregnancy. Do not eat double portions, arguing that you need to eat for two and get more nutrients. Exclude from the diet of harmful and fatty foods, which contains many carcinogens and of salt – they provoke the development of edema, and weight from them arrives very quickly.
Don't eat white bread and pastry. Replace these foods with slices of black bread. Eat sweets in limited quantities, replace them with dried fruits, honey (if not allergic). Exclude from the diet part of foods rich in carbohydrates, the weight will cease to grow. In some cases this is enough to even to lose a little weight.
Take vitamin complexes for pregnant women. Pre-consult with the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. When you intake all the necessary trace elements metabolism returns to normal, the appetite is weakened, it helps you to gain weight. But don't forget to take any drugs without a doctor's prescription, including vitamin supplements, is extremely dangerous.
If you don't have the threat of miscarriage exercise. No, no need to lift heavy, tiring yourself at the gym. Sign up for antenatal classes, where you will show and tell you what to do. Check with the gynecologist if you have any abnormalities that can serve as a contraindication to gymnastics. Not always the doctors say all the details, if they know not to ask.
After giving birth breastfeeding. Breastfeeding promotes rapid weight loss. And the baby receives all the necessary substances for growth and development. Well, if you still strongly recovered, go to the reception to the endocrinologist or dietitian, you will develop a program for weight loss or prescribe special medications.