You will need
  • Operating system Windows 7.
The option "Control mouse cursor with keyboard" to activate the applet in "control Panel", the launch of which is carried out through the menu "start". In the opened window navigate to "ease of access Center" and click on the link "Relief work with the keyboard".
Then click "configuration control index" and in the opened window check the box next to "Include control mouse pointer with keyboard". Go to "shortcuts", check the line "Enable pointer control with the keyboard: left Alt + left Shift + NumLock". Activate the function "Show warning..." and "beep...".
Turn the focus of the mouse on the block located below and adjust the value of the slider "pointer Speed". If you still can't say exactly what speed of movement you need, check the box for "Ctrl - acceleration, Shift - acceleration". To save all changes press "Apply" and OK.
After these steps, the system tray icon should appear with the image of the mouse cursor. If not, press the key combination mentioned above, namely the left Alt + Shift and NumLock. In the opened window click "Yes". In the same way you can disable the control mouse with the keyboard.
To control the mouse cursor you need to press keys on the numeric keypad, ie in the presence of a combination numeric keypad this option will not apply for some notebook models. To move, up key is used with the figure 8 down to the number 2, etc. As a rule, the movement direction of the cursor indicated on the keys themselves.
To click the left mouse button, click a number key. To press the right mouse button, press Shift + F10 or press the "Context menu", which is between Alt and Ctrl.