Early signs of pregnancy

After pregnancy a woman's body begins to change hormones. Mothers-to-be-different feel these changes. However, they are the earliest sign of successful conception, and can become a signal that you are expecting a baby.

Many women in the first days of pregnancy begin to feel a slight tingling in the uterus, and heaviness in the pelvis. More distinct sensations can occur 6-12 days after conception, when implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine tissue. Aching, drawing pain in the abdomen may also be accompanied by a slight bloody discharge.

From the very first days after conception many women have frequent urination. This is particularly evident at night. Thus in contrast to cystitis, the discharge of urine is not accompanied by painful sensations, and urine volume may vary.

Hormonal changes also have an impact on the General condition of the pregnant woman. In General, the whole complex of sensations can be compared with the beginning of colds. Headache; body ache; a woman feels tired and sleepy; it throws hot and cold and red face.

Many already in the first week after conception increases the sensitivity of the breast. Breasts slightly swell and become painful because of hormonal changes. Early signs of pregnancy are an atypical perception of flavor, increase of saliva, insomnia, slight swelling of fingers and others.

Objective signs of pregnancy

If you had a graph of basal body temperature throughout the cycle and it is clearly visible the day of ovulation, then if pregnancy occurs you may notice that the basal temperature does not fall to the previous level and remains within 37-37,2°C. It is a sign of a developing pregnancy.

After the successful conception of a child changes the colour of female genitals. The cervix becomes bluish color. This is due to the increase in the volume of blood in the genital area of a pregnant woman. In manual examination the gynecologist can also detect the softening of the isthmus - region connecting the uterus with the cervix. However, the rush to the doctor is not necessary. Palpation is not reliable method at this early stage of pregnancy, and ultrasound examination may be held no earlier than 3 weeks after conception.