To make this hairstyle at home is very simple. You can even choose to braid the "dragon" itself. For it is only necessary to use simple rules.

First, you must carefully comb the hair, comb them back. If your hair is not very obedient, it is recommended to sprinkle a little water on them.

Second, collect thumbs small section of hair at the crown and divide it into three equal parts – our three basic strands.

Start braiding like a regular braid left strand overlay on top of the Central. Then we proceed similarly on the right.

Now, to properly and beautifully to make the dragon, we carefully and gradually add the rest of the hair into the braiding. To do this, take a thin strand from the left and add it to the main strands of the left. Now put it on top of the Central. Similarly, on the right side.

Such actions we continue until, until you ititem all the hair. It is important to remember that for the greater care of the hair strands all the time you need to take about the same thickness, and it is desirable to take strands of hair, starting from her temples.

The resulting braid you need to fix the neck, or continue braiding across the length of the hair and secure at the end.

Options of hairstyles with "dragon" endless. All these hairstyles you can do at home. For example, you can share with the beginning hair in two and braid two dragon.

Very beautiful hair style, when you will also be able to correctly braid the "dragon" is the following: can be divided hair partings parallel into 4 parts, each braiding a friend along, and then combine all the hair into one ponytail and secure with a pretty hairpin with a flower. This hairstyle is especially fond of children.

You can braid the dragon in a circle, zigzag. It is also possible, when the "dragon" can make a sort of bezel on the head. All options are acceptable, and they are limited only by your imagination.