These braids, or as they are otherwise called Senegalese spiral, got its name in honor of the country Senegal where they are most common. Also, this type of braid is known under another name - "keratoplasties".
Senegalese braids , you can braid own hair if they have long. And with the addition of artificial hair, so-called kanekalon. This material is woven into the natural hair at the base of the braids.
Braiding Senegalese braids – the process is quite long. To reduce the time of weaving, kanekalon prepare in advance. Divide it into the required number of strands twirled movements. Make sure he is not confused.
Then prepare natural hair. Zone in a checkerboard pattern. This separation of the upper pigtail to go between the next two, thus creating additional volume. Make sure that the partings were clear. Otherwise, the hairs coming from the neighboring "squares" will bring you a lot of inconvenience. For a clearer dividing moisten the head with water, so you get to pick the scythe up even the finest hairs.
Secure the braids like the classic Africanbraids. Then proplatit two or three centimeters so they kept a tighter hold. Next, divide into two strands and begin to twist. Each strand loop to the left. Between them twist each other to the right.
Senegalese braids , you can braid any length. And to use one or several colors. In order to get a smooth braid, braid them under slight tension, in addition, the netting should be tight to the ends natural hair did not get out and not spoil the appearance of braid.
To hair turned out voluminous braid two or three braids. The tips of the pigtails can be scalded with boiling water or a lighter to solder. Depending on the synthetic material, can be left "live" tip. The wear time of these cables is quite large, about 2-4 months.