Cornrows are woven in like artificial hair, cotton or acrylic yarn. The minimum length of hair in which it is possible to create African braids by intertwining them in threads is considered to be 4-5 cm If you are going to weave them yourself, you will have to use only your hair.
Before you start weaving carefully comb the hair. Not recommended the day before to wash my hair as clean curls will fall apart in the hands and tight beautiful braids will not work.
Carefully divide your hair into small even squares. Secure with a Bobby pin or clip each individual hair.
When you first decided to weave the braids, don't try to make a lot of them. First, for the first time, you are unlikely to be able to do everything perfectly, and secondly, not accustomed to this load and hands will get tired fast.
Begin to braid each strand in the braid, which selects the method that you like and which you do flawlessly. Better suited for this "mermaid tail" or "French ear". Braids trailing from the bottom, separating strands of hair at the neck, and the upper thus assembled in the tail.
Braid pigtails to the end, and the ends must be treated with special adhesive. You can also weave ribbons in braids or decorative beads.
Try to keep the curls for braids were distributed as uniformly as possible over the entire surface of the head.
If you will be adding to your tresses natural or artificial hair, each strand of his hair under the knot of artificial hair, and then begin to weave a braid with them.
Cornrows braid his hair blond as tight as you can, so that they were straight.
Completing bottom row, move to a higher level (approximately 2 cm from the bottom row). The braids must be perfectly straight rows and the distance between them. Immediately clamp the tip of the braid with wax, glue or bead.
If you want to get quality results and not be wasted on independent attempts, it is best to contact the salon, which spetsializiruyutsya on weaving afrokosichek.