You will need
  • - comb;
  • - embroidery floss;
  • - beads;
  • - beads.
With a comb, separate a thin section of hair you wish to braid. Then take two colored embroidery floss of the same size, but twice the length of the hair strands. Now at its base tie an ordinary knot. So the thread is not slipped, can make a few knots.
Firmly secure the knot and wrap the straightened strand of hair and three strands of the fourth thread. Do it so that the turns of thread very closely located to each other.
Proplete the desired distance of the braids with thread the same color change it took from strands of thread of a different color and continue stitching, align the inside thread of the previous color. Change colors until, until the end of the thread until you fully complete this process. Finish braiding, tying a neat knot at the tip of the strands.
The number of braids you can weave as much as you want. Then when you want to remove the pigtail, just carefully unwind the skin and comb the hair.
There is another more convenient way of weaving bores, as during the creation of pigtails threads don't slide down the strands of hair. Take, as in the first case, the thread and scroll to the desired strand of hair. Holding with your fingers, secure the thread at the base of the strands and begin to weave a normal braid, gently weaving her threads.
Then using the free ends of colored threads appetite pigtail. And weave need a half-loops, threading the end of the thread in the previous loop. Tighten a half-loop, each time tightening the thread. Thanks to this, the bore will be smoother and more beautiful.
Make as many knots as you want, constantly changing colors until, until you tie the braid to the end, and will not bring the boring to the desired length. In the end decorate it, for example, beads or beads.