The body of an average person over the last century, much younger, people are living longer, and therefore longer retain the ability to bear children. Menopause, as a natural function of the extinction of the reproductive system, shifted by 5-7 years, and up to 45-47 years a woman can become a mother. The question is that it is very limited in time and planning pregnancy should take place under medical supervision.
First and foremost, needs to be examined. A few months can be cured, or to compensate for any condition that may interfere with normal pregnancy. Necessarily hand over the analysis on AMG (antiurease hormone), these data will allow to understand whether there is enough in the woman's body egg, or the ovaries are depleted and need to resort to ovarian stimulation with subsequent IVF.
The couple should be sure to visit the genetics to determine risks of genetic diseases with either party. Need the conclusion of almost all specialists: the dentist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist and an internist. Prospective parents are invited to go through a complete diagnosis, including laboratory. If a woman is not sick, or she has no antibodies to rubella, and chickenpox, should be vaccinated. Next, the doctor prescribes vitaminoterapia. Mandatory intake of folic acid, which is responsible for the normal formation of the nervous system of the fetus, multivitamin preparations, iron supplements and calcium.
Genetic risks, if we assess them on set, though, and increase, but overall in women after 40-45 years of age the chance to have a healthy child that leaves about 80-90%. Significantly increases the risk of having a baby with down syndrome. Such people can get higher education, to be socially active and self-sufficient with proper socialization. The risks of other, more severe chromosomal mutations increase slightly, but because women after the age of 40 and young women the probability of having a baby with incompatible with life defects is almost the same. It is important in the first trimester to do a biopsy of the villi, to exclude fetal abnormalities.
Throughout the pregnancy, you must follow the doctor's recommendations. The term "starorodyaschaya" invented not angry Russian doctors, this concept is included in the international classification, as maintenance of pregnancy in women over 35 years requires very careful observation.
Pregnant at this age often have to take medications to improve blood circulation in the placenta, otherwise the fruit starts to suffer and lag behind in development. During pregnancy risk of miscarriage and premature birth, should be more careful and to refrain from sports and other exploits. Because of the high risk of premature birth, frequent complications in childbirth women are encouraged to give birth by surgery, while physically healthy and active women give birth without any complications. The possibility of natural childbirth are discussed with the obstetrician on an individual basis.
If within six months can't get pregnant naturally, it is necessary to resort to IVF, with a diagnosis of biomaterial to minimize chromosomal mutations at the future of the embryo.