The fabric is very comfortable, practical and durable, and most importantly, always fashionable. The first jeans was released in 1853, the now-famous firm "Levi Strauss" as the working uniform for all farmers. The word "jeans" comes from the name of the Italian city of Genoa, which produced the dye "Indigo", as a synonym for "denim" — from the name of the French city of Nimes, which produced a fabric of similar weave.

Now sew jeans for men not only pants, but also beautiful dresses, blouses, skorts, shorts, jackets, skirts, gowns, shirts, caps. But the current fashionista now often wear denim pants, fashion and style are constantly changing. And this season again becoming popular flared jeans, which widen towards the bottom and blend perfectly with the high heels. So if you throw the pants that was popular eight or nine years ago, feel free to pull them out of the closet and wear. Fashion in 2016, jeans are models of "American" and "Boyfriends."

Jeans can be combined with silk blouses, woolen jackets, embroidered clothes and bright shirts. Denim is appropriate as to the rest, and for work, so a lot of jeans does not happen. More details with denim can be found by looking at trends in fashion 2nd Floor, Renata Lozano, TNG, Ellus and Louis Vuitton.