The sexual benefits of Reiki are that it is an excellent heat and sound insulator, made of natural material (mostly pine), has optimal absorption.

The types of floor Board

Sexual rake can be made of solid wood or be a laminated material. Any of them is of two kinds: the treated rail and untreated. The latter is only used for mounting the sub-floor and requires the laying of flooring. The treated Board (planed, sanded, covered with an antiseptic composition, a varnish, impregnation, toning) is suitable for the device of the finished floor and requires no additional finishing.

Sexual rake can be equipped with a lock type "thorn-times" and form when mounting whole cloth which has no slit. This material is more expensive boards, end sides of which have projections and recesses to provide a tight connection, but allows you to mount the more flexible the coating.

How to lay floor rail?

Before starting work, the flooring should be choose the direction of the boards. Traditionally, they are placed along the long walls of the room, face to the window. This method of installation allows you to visually increase the room area. In addition, it significantly increases the durability of the floor, as it excludes intense movement across the floorboards.

If the wood is not treated with preservative, it must be done prior to installation. If it is not possible to buy primer (impregnation) with antiseptic property, you can cover the wood oil-wax composition.

For installation of floor slats will need the following tools and materials: hammer, drill or screwdriver with batteries, set of drills, screws for wood up to 100 mm, 6/40 mm dowels, lumber or boards for the lag, the strips of roofing material, handsaw or circular saw.

If a floor plank in a private house, the joists are set on the ground or the lower harness. If the apartment is on the slab. The joists are laid perpendicular to the direction of the floorboards in increments of no more than 60 cm If the as supports for floor slats used Board thickness 4 or 5 cm, they are stacked on edge. The joists are attracted to the lower rail or ceiling using dowels. If they are installed on the ground, additional fastening is not required. But in any case, under timber plank strips of waterproofing material roofing material that will prevent wetting of the wood.

Next, measure the length of the room in the selected direction. Calculate the required number of boards and cut them to length. If the rail lock "thorn-groove", after laying the first chisel from the end with a mallet until then, until the two boards form a single fabric. If the rail without lock, lumber tend to stack as tightly as possible to each other. The fastening is made by means of nails or screws.