The first step is to take care of good ventilation of the space under floorsohms. If not, the boards will sweat and will very soon begin to deteriorate, even if you treat them with a protective product. Therefore, arrange the ventilation openings in the Foundation. But don't make them too large, otherwise the rodents will dwell in the house along with you.
Install the joists of timber, pre-preparing them for the platforms of brick or concrete. Joists, be sure to process high-quality mastic or other waterproofing agent. Racesgenderorite the joists across the room to put floorowou Board along. Direction boards should be toward the window.
Treat the lower part of each floorovyh boards, waterproofing impregnation. Mastic is better is notgenderisolate, so as not to stain the front surface of the boards.
Start laying the floorthe new Board from the wall, making the end joints on the joists. Try not to make all the joints at one lag, and boards put vrazbezhku or staggered – material will leave more, but to look for such a floor will be much better.
To beat floorthe new Board to the joists in several ways. The easiest but not the most aesthetic option is to nail directly to the front surface of the Board. Another way is to drive nails in pile floorBoard room. To nail the Board so you must first practice, to drive a nail is not sticking out and not interfere with the next Board to be in the groove.
When the floor is ready, don't leave it untreated for a long time. Immediately cover the floors with primer and then apply several coats of varnish. So you can protect the wood from damage and dirt and gives it a beautiful appearance for years to come.