The floors in the recreation room in the bath do not need the same protection as the floors in the steam room because the temperature regime of the dressing room is more gentle. Cover the floor in the break room can be transparent or opaque composition. Among the first impregnations and varnishes, the composition of some of them can be supplemented with pigments, revealing the natural wood structure. Opaque formulations – paints based on solvents and water-dispersion acrylic blend. If you wish to obtain a stable coating, providing ease of application, should be preferred alkyd, polyurethane or acrylic compounds.

Impregnation will help to protect wooden floors

You can cover the floor surface impregnation, which will carry fire and bioprotective functions, this can be achieved after saturation of the wood with substances preventing the processes of destruction, including the impact of fire and insects. You can choose from a range of flame retardants, which make the material fireproof, preventing its ignition. For baths and rooms within them are particularly relevant biocides, which act as antiseptics, excluding the effects of mold, insects and mildew. The use of such compounds allows you to extend the service life of the topcoat dressing room.

How to use impregnation

In order to provide maximum efficiency of treatment should be to use them correctly. It is important to apply the composition on a previously dried and freed from dust and dirt from the surface. Floor prior to application of protective compound should be sanded. If the room is a place where every day comes a lot of visitors, it would be better to apply the impregnation profound impact, it can provide maximum impact on the inner layers of the material.

Oil impregnating compositions will not only help to protect the wood, but give it a more aesthetic appearance. Such impregnations have wood or linseed oil and a modified resin among other ingredients. The oil penetrates the deeper structure of the coating lacquer, which provides the result in consolidation of bases, the acquisition of the moisture resistance and silky surface.

When buying oils you should pay attention to the composition devoid of solvents. Despite the fact that some types of oils do not dry so soon, it is worth to give preference to them, as it often points to their naturalness.