Causes of hair loss

If you still encounter such a problem as hair loss, you first need to identify why this is happening. Very often hair loss occurs because of a lack of vitamins in the body, stress, illness, reactions to some drugs used.

Also hair loss is due to careless handling of them. Their loss may cause staining, hot exposure, perming.

Determine why exactly you have a problem of hair loss, you can properly build a plan of care and recovery.

Vitamins needed for hair care

Trichologists around the world recommend women to drink vitamins of group "B". It is known that vitamin B1 helps to protect hair from stress, "B2" helps to restore damaged roots, "B3" and "B6" improve metabolism, "B5" and "B7" strengthen hair roots, "B8" helps to better absorb other vitamins, "B9" assists in cell renewal, "B12" delivers oxygen to the hair roots.

No less useful are the b vitamins"A", necessary for vital activity of the roots, vitamin"C" strengthens the immune system, vitamin E, rejuvenating cells, and vitamin F,strengthens the hair.

All the beneficial properties of these vitamins suspend the hair loss and contribute to their further improvement. So you can get the right amount of vitamins, you need to consume them in foods and special vitamin complexes.

You need to properly consider your diet to be present in the products having a sufficient amount of nutrients. Such products include meat liver, meat, fish, fish oils, dairy products, mushrooms, apricots, citrus fruits, eggs, and yeast.