To maintain the beauty of hair and nails do not forget about the proper care of the appearance, use high-quality cosmetics and balanced diet. Modern man is uneasy to make your diet as beneficial, to include meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products. Therefore, when there is insufficient intake of valuable substances or their poor assimilation of food vitamins and minerals, you need to get out of multivitamin complexes.

Nutrients for hair and nails

The health of hair and nails depends on the presence of vitamin A, or retinol. In case of its deficiency the nail plate begins to stratify, become brittle, and hair. Vitamin a deficiency may result in thinning of hair, split ends. The daily rate of retinol for an adult is 1 mg. to this amount of vitamin A from foods like carrots, liver, spinach.

Equally important to the condition of the hair and nail vitamin E, or tocopherol. This element slows down the aging process of cells, protects the curls and the nail plate from the negative influence of the environment. Vitamin E nourishes the hair, restoring their Shine, normalizes blood circulation and makes the nails strong. Tocopherol is rich in various types of vegetable oils, a lot of it in butter. Intake of vitamin E per day is 10 mg.

Ascorbic acid helps to improve, strengthen hair and nails. With a lack of vitamin C hair begins to thin, nails become brittle, dull. Askorbinka normalizes the hair follicles, so the hair begins to grow faster. The daily requirement of the human body in this vitamin is 90 mg. Especially a lot of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits, greens, rose hips, Brussels sprouts.

B vitamins and hair condition, nails

Nails and hair are well groomed, when deprived of vitamin B. These are important nutrients restore the functioning of cells. First and foremost, you need to take care of the intake should be the amount of vitamin B3. It determines the condition of the hair, if the substance is not enough, one is confronted with early graying, dryness and hair loss. Vitamin can be found in various products, for example, in broccoli, parsley, tomatoes, cheese.

If the diet little vitamin B6, begin to suffer nails. Pyridoxine is included in the composition of walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts. Also pyridoxine, to give hair and nails strength is vitamin B5. It makes the hair lush and nails – strong. Pantothenic acid is found in fish, eggs, meat, nuts.

The list of substances that are necessary for hair Shine and good condition of the nails, you can continue. So, on a person's appearance will affect the minerals – calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, zinc and others. Therefore, hair loss, dull color of the nails it is best to take a multivitamin complexes and not certain vitamins. Add valuable substance in masks, cream baths for hair, nails and can be in liquid form, buying vitamin E, And other pharmacy vials.