Drink a glass of clean water before eating. This simple technique will help reduce the amount of food consumed as part of the stomach you already is water. If you feel that this doesn't work, drink two glasses. Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes before eating. But not to wash down food with water in the process of its consumption, you will dilute the gastric juice and impair digestion.
Reduce the volume of the stomach. Reduce portions, increasing the frequency of consumption of food. Eat five to six times a day, but the food at one time should fit into your palms.
Do not confuse the feeling of hunger and thirst. This happens often - you seem to want to eat and again go to the refrigerator. Actually, you can just thirsty. With the emergence of feelings of hunger half an hour after a meal, try to drink water. Most likely, you will feel better.
Eat slowly. Chew your food well. The slower you chew, the less you have time to eat. After all, the brain will signal the body to saturation after 20 to 25 minutes after the start of the meal.
Do not pass up Breakfast. People are skipping the most important meal, often suffer from overweight and increased appetiteohms all day long. If you find it difficult to force myself to eat something serious, then consume an Apple and a Cup of tea. So you energize for a half day and save yourself from uncontrollable hunger.
Replace one meal a vegetable or fruit salad. To improve digestion, proper work of the stomach is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Try when the hunger to eat a couple of apples, tomato, cucumber, or any other light products. They contained cellulose and fiber for a long time to digest, so a couple of hours you will not want to eat.