Brew green tea, preferably no sugar. Drinking a Cup of tea, the appetite will disappear. Green tea helps burn fat.
If you are not allergic, eat a teaspoon of honey and drink a glass of water.
In that case, if hunger continues to torment, drink a glass of skim milk or yogurt.
To fight off hunger you can use low calorie fruits. Suitable apples or pears. But from peaches and bananas should be abandoned, they are very high in calories.
Dissolve two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in water and drink. You can add a teaspoon of honey. The hunger should pass. Instead of Apple cider vinegar fit the juice of a lemon.
A decoction of corn stigma greatly reduces the appetite. You can buy it at any pharmacy.
Save from hunger sparkling water, but it must be without sugar.
If you cope with the feeling of hunger at all possible, eat low-calorie foods. Buckwheat porridge on the water, oats, fresh vegetables.
In drugstores special preparations that control appetite. For example, Apetina, meridia, Italian and many others. Reduce appetite and drugs containing caffeine, which can also be bought in a pharmacy.