Temporary methods

The easiest method for removing unwanted hair is shaving. Using the razors with replaceable blades or disposable razors, you can quickly remove all unnecessary shoots. For perfect results, use a gel or shaving foam, and in the absence of both suitable hair rinse. Shaving gives short-term results - the next day on the surface of the skin may appear stiff hairs. However, this method has advantages. The process is very quick, absolutely painless, a razor to remove hair of any length and thickness.

If you want to get rid of unwanted seedlings for a longer period, use the epilator. With it easy to remove even very short hairs. Epilation can be painful. To alleviate discomfort, before treatment, make a cold compress or use the device with a special vibronically performing a simultaneous massage of the skin. The disadvantage of this method can be considered as the duration of the process and the possibility of ingrown hairs. The good thing about a long-term result, the hands will remain smooth for about two weeks.

Another option - remove hair using wax. Use in banks, which must be heated, apply to hands and then remove them using a special paper. Even faster are ready wax strips. After treatment wax residue clean with special wipes or a swab soaked in olive oil. Wax strips not only remove unwanted hairs but also remove dead cells of the skin, leaving hands soft and smooth. However, repeated hair removal will have to wait until they grow back.

Radical methods

For the final solution to the problem of hairy arms there are electrical, laser and photo epilation. First painful enough, the hair follicles are destroyed by introducing the thinnest needle. During one procedure cannot handle a small area. It is important that the process be carried out by experienced improper insertion of a needle into the skin may remain scars.

More recently, the popular photo-epilation, and laser processing. The first option is suitable for girls with light skin and dark hairs. The flash destroys the hair follicles, stopping hair growth. The procedure is painless, but rather long and expensive. Laser treatment is more expensive, but it is suitable for any color and length of hair. The disadvantages include the duration of the process. For complete removal of hair on hands may require 5-10 treatments, and many clients after the first treatment the hair grow again.