Often, when I see the hair on hands occurs one thought – to shave. Option, in principle, not bad, but the vegetation will appear again in a short period of time. If you decided to do this, first clean the skin with scrub to the hairs as regrowth has not grown into the skin. Apply foam shaving against the hair growth remove vegetation. Rinse your hands and apply antibacterial cream or wipe the skin with alcohol-lotion. After about 3-5 days you will notice that the hairs began to reappear. It is worth noting that over time they become rough.Depilatory creams which dissolve the hair structure – the best option. Apply a thin layer to problem areas, hold (specify in instructions) and remove the special spatula or rinse under running water with a sponge. On hands apply a nourishing cream. You're done! Hairs grow back in about a week. Depilatory cream does not damage the structure of the hair, so do not worry that they will become hard.Wax strips – the choice of strong women. Remove the hairs they are quite good, the vegetation begins to appear slowly. And all is good, but when you remove the wax strips from the skin there is pain, which, however, can be overcome. So if you want to get rid of hair and forget about their appearance at least 1-2 weeks, take advantage of this wonderful way.If you have an epilator, try to get rid of hairs with it. With regular use of the device it is possible to achieve good results – vegetation will begin to appear slowly. Well, if you all dream of, never to behold her in their hands, then go straight to the beauty parlor. Specialist will choose the method of hair removal, after which it you will forget about the fact that until recently they have marred your life.