The care of the Royal geranium is the proper watering, timely pruning, providing winter holidays, transplant as necessary.

How to water the geraniums

Royal geranium watering is better done by the pallet, while the plant itself will adjust the amount of necessary moisture. The water should be settled, at room temperature, allowed the use of boiled water. While the plant does not bloom, the leaves must be periodically sprayed. Signal to watering is the appearance of a dry crust on the top layer of the earth. An excessive amount of water leads to plant disease and water deficit – the lack of flowers.

Pruning geraniums for lush flowering

Winter pruning is an integral part of the care of the Royal geranium. Short days and lack of sunlight causes the plant to stretch out. During this period, the geraniums need to pinch back, and appeared long shoots to trim. In April the Royal geraniums begin to bloom, so pruning in March needs to stop. To maintain the shape of the Bush is pinched and in the summer after flowering.

With the onset of winter, the plant becomes dormant. All you need is a minimal watering and well-lit, cool (not warmer than 15 degrees) place. At this time the geranium is resting, gaining strength for the upcoming bloom.

Transplant geraniums

The care of the Royal geranium provides for the transplant. This procedure should be carried out in the spring, when roots become cramped, and they find a hole in the drainage system. The new pot should not differ greatly in size from the old one, because in a large volume pots geranium blooms reluctantly. On the bottom of the tank need to put drainage. Primer can be purchased or prepared independently of sand, peat and earth. Planting mix should not be compacted.

Why yellow geranium

With good care of the Royal geraniums, it almost hurts. However, poor watering or under prolonged exposure to sunlight, the lower leaves can turn yellow. Diseases that are specific to the Royal pelargonium: nematode, dropsy, rust, black rot of the stem.

To geranium bloomed

To stimulate the emergence of flowers, you need to choose the right place for the plant. Royal geraniums like sun, so the warmest place in the house she is perfect. In addition, wintering in a bright, cool place, monthly fertilizing and spring pruning will ensure the emergence of large blossoms.

How to propagate geraniums

The result of proper care of the Royal geraniums will be healthy, flowering plant that wants to propagate. Method of propagation of geranium cuttings. In late summer it is necessary to cut the stem 7-9 cm, to hold them in air for several hours, then planted in peat-sand mixture. Using plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect and make sure that the soil was always moist. Prepare the ground with sand, turf and leaf soil and plant rooted cuttings.