You will need
  • - pot transplants;
  • - soil for the flowers.
You can meet a variety of pelargonium with colourful inflorescences: simple, double, in different colors and shades, with a variety of structure of the flower is star-shaped, Tulip, rose, resembling a cactus flower. Pelargonium vary in size, dwarf, petite, basket.
Another large group of scented pelargonium are grown for flavor. The variety of flavors is also amazing: geraniums can smell like rose, Apple, mint, lemon, orange, nutmeg.
With all the diversity of varieties and qualities are the same modest and unpretentious pretty flowers, what was even 100-200 years ago. At home geranium can grow for 4-5 years, and with good care and good attitude towards them will remain decorative for a longer period of time.
To grow geraniums from seeds and cuttings. The room temperature should be moderate, in the winter it is advisable to lower it to 10-15 C. Summer plant feels better in the open air. If possible, you can make the hive on the balcony, or planted in the garden.
Before frost pelargonium need to dig out the soil and replant in fresh soil. This important period – you need to inspect the plant, particular attention will require root: it is likely that they bred earthworms or pests. It is advisable to rinse them under running water, then placed for 10-15 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rinsed again and can be transplanted. Too large old roots can be shortened to 1/3, sprinkle the slices with ash.
Soil for transplanting should be nutritious, loose. Better if it is a mixture of turf, leaf soil, humus, peat and sand in equal parts. Pot should not be large, the roots must be completely braid earth com. Required drainage layer of coarse gravel poured on the bottom, then the center of the plant pot is installed and free spaces backfilled with earth, avoiding voids. The soil should be compacted after filling the pot with plenty of water – that the water began to stand out through the drainage holes.
After the transplant, should be cut and the plant itself is 2/3 the length of the trunks. It is necessary that the root system is better recovered, to the same plant after pruning will bloom better and look much more spectacular. Trimmed branches can be used as cuttings for propagation of geranium.
If the plant is not planted outside, replant it, not necessarily because geraniums don't like when it is disturbed. If the roots started to pop out of drainage holes and the plant has lost an attractive appearance, you can do the handling in a pot slightly larger (5-6 cm), without touching the earth com. It is also possible to annually replace the top layer of soil in the pot, not transplanting the plant.