You will need
  • - knife or scissors;
  • - wood ash;
  • water;
  • - potassium fertilizer.
To plant a potted geranium at home, cut off the stem stalk with lateral or apical shoots of adult plants. The cuttings should have 2-3 leaves, the optimal length – 5-7 cm, Leave the stalk without water for a few hours, then powder cut with powdered charcoal.
Geraniums planted in a small pot, poured it in ordinary garden soil. If it is not possible to plant pelargonium immediately for permanent, root the cuttings in coarse sand and then transplant into a pot. Planting is best carried out at a temperature of 20-22oC in the summer or spring. Do not use hormones or cover the handle cap, and spray the leaves.
Potted geraniums do not like too wet ground, so plant it in slightly moist soil, water in the edge of the pot. If water gets on the leaves and stem, geranium can rot and die. Winter geranium requires little or no irrigation, and in summer watering as the soil is drying out.
Put a pot of geraniums in a well-lit window, in a dark place to bloom the plant will not be. Only on the hottest days, cover the pot out of direct sunlight.
To improve flowering of geranium, pinch the young shoots when they have 4-5 pairs of leaves. A few of the lower leaves leave. Pruning is best done in autumn or spring, when the shoots much elongated. The exception to this rule is the Royal pelargonium, large flowers of this species are without any trimming.
Yellowing leaves and remove the stems with a sharp knife or scissors. The breaking away can cause stalk rot, especially in cool and moist air.
In the winter, try to arrange for pelargonium resting period put the pot in a cool place (temperature 10-15 ° C, and minimal watering). Feed geranium need potassium fertilizers with low nitrogen content.