Geranium, the pelargonium, the most common inhabitant of the Russian window sills. Even the most inept hostess is easy to care for geraniums and delight your home riotous blooming of this unpretentious, but very beautiful flower.

For geranium need to find a convenient potty. It should not be too broad. All growers know that the smaller the pot for pelargonium, the more flowers it produces and the longer it blooms. Also the pot for this flower must have a good drainage system, in the formation of excessive moisture, the roots do not rot.

How to water the geraniums

Pelargonium irrigation is neutral. Many believe that it is better to neopolice than strain. Not worth using the sprayer to try to moisten the leaves and flowers of geranium. This has a negative impact on the condition of the flower. Water for irrigation better to choose rainwater or snowmelt. If it does not, you can use water from the tap, but it will need 2-3 days to defend. In winter, watering the geraniums cut 2 times compared to the summer, you may even drying of the soil. This is because pelargonium in the winter switches to sleep mode.

Care of geranium: light and temperature

Geranium is a very light demanding plant and is not afraid to direct sunlight. Without fear it is possible to determine the domicile of the flower in the sunniest spot. Light care for a geranium is in the periodic turning of a flower to the light, so the Bush is formed evenly. With this approach, the geraniums will bloom from late March to Jan. In warm time of the year is geranium can put on a balcony or stand on the lawn. And yet with all the love of pelargonium to the light sometimes the plant may get burned. Therefore, when the scorching sun it is a bit protected from direct sunlight. In the winter when lack of sunlight, care of geraniums can be supplemented illumination energy-saving lamps of "daylight" or special lamps, bought in flower shops.

Best geranium feels when the air temperature 20-25 degrees summer and winter care for geraniums better at a temperature of 10-14 degrees.

Pruning geraniums for lush flowering

To pelargonium delight you with an abundant and long blooming, the faded flower stalks should be immediately removed. Also for the formation of a beautiful, rounded shrub, you can pinch back the tip of the flower and lateral branches.

Care for geraniums fertilizers and transplanting

Care for geraniums associated with mineral podarkami, carried out from March to September. This time of year to apply fertilizers to the soil can be 1-2 times a month. Individual growers are becoming specialized for feeding pelargonium, but it gives good results, the universal application of mineral fertilizers.

Pelargonium does not like transplanting, but 1-2 times a year will not cause illness of the flower. If you need to transplant the flower, it is better to plan it in the spring, or at least for the summer. Many growers in the summer planted a geranium in the country straight into the ground. It is believed that this procedure will improve the flower and prepare for winter. Autumn hold the required pruning of the flower. Shorten the main stem of the flower by 1/3, and cut off the leaves and side twigs. After pruning the optimal height of the flower is 40-50 cm.

Reproduction of geranium

Geraniums propagated from cuttings. Selected branches with a few leaves from the top of the Bush are cut on the bias and placed in moist sand or soil nutrient. During the first days the cuttings are moistened to stimulate the root system.