First of all, to clearly determine what type of training is suitable for both baby and you: visit school, home tuition (teachers come to the student) or family education (teachers only make up curriculum, as teachers are parents themselves).
For transfer to home-based training must be a good reason. For example, the child's disability. In this case, collect medical reports which confirm the need for home education. A special medical Commission will decide whether the child will be difficult to fit into a society of peers.
After receiving the Commission's decision, go to the nearest school, write the application addressed to the Director, apply the results of the medical examination.
Together with teachers, develop the training program. By order of the Director of the school will be assigned teachers who will educate the child at home. Parents will be issued with a log of the traversed material, the obtained estimates and the results of the periodic evaluation.
The home education program is chosen individually, depending on the abilities and capabilities of the student. It specifies the number of subject hours per week and the duration of a lesson. Upon completion of training, the child will have a high school diploma as other graduates.
Home schooling is possible without medical indications. This is enough for the decision of the parents or guardians of the child. In this case, the student, the family education still had a duty to appear periodically at school for final checks of the acquired knowledge.
This system is ideal for children, seriously involved in sports or music, or whose parents, because of the circumstances and the profession is constantly forced to move around the country. After all, frequent change of schools, friends and environment has a detrimental effect on academic performance.
Write the application addressed to the Director, which will be considered by the Commission with the participation of teachers and specialists of the Department of education. Keep in mind, the Commission can invite the child to know his opinion and attitude to the idea of family education.
Following the meeting of the Commission, the school child, the order will be attached to the educational institutions with the purpose of the terms of certification.
It is important to remember that the child in the family training at any time has the right to return and continue teaching in school. It is enough to pass the semi-annual certification.