You will need
  • - application for transfer to another group;
  • data of the medical examination (for special groups);
  • - the conclusion of mediko-pedagogical Commission.
Do not rush to transfer the baby that you just gave to the garden. Wait, even if you think that he has changed and does not behave as usual. It's natural. The child needs time to adapt to the team and get used to the caregivers. For some children it's quite a long process. The child may become restless or lethargic. Some children start to hurt. In this situation, the translation will not bring benefits. The child will have to get used to the new group and new teachers, and for him it is serious stress. Watch the situation. If the teachers openly tell you about problems, and from other parents of complaints of them not — it may well be that it is in adaptation.
Transfer of the child in that case, if the other way does not. Find out whether in your garden, another group for children of the same age. In most of the kindergartens of the combined kind of groups are formed strictly on the basis of age, and this is justified by many reasons. Every age has its own volume of knowledge, abilities and skills. Giving the child to the younger group, you artificially slow down its development. With older children it would feel backward. In addition, violation of the age can be dangerous for the children themselves. Conflicts between kids — it is quite common, but the conflicting forces must be equal. In the mixed-age group that works according to special principles, can give any child, but such is not the case everywhere.
Talk to the Manager. If in parallel, or in various age group there is space, problems usually arise. Standards of filling is quite hard, but one or two children can even take in a group. Head can offer to write a statement, although quite often a verbal conversation. A written document may require the administration of a kindergarten in the event that your caregivers of the former group already has a certain number of complaints. Written evidence is required for action.
Having decided to transfer the baby to a group that is working on a special program, first of all talk to the future teachers. Ask them to talk in detail about what they do, what they learn children and what their methodology is better than others. Chat with parents of toddlers. Organizational issues in this case are resolved in exactly the same way as in the previous. The statement is usually required, but its form is very simple.