The heat treatment is more than 4 minutes quail eggs lose most of their nutrients for which they are appreciated all over the world. This is why, to preserve all vitamins and microelements, which are present in the composition of this product, it is best consumed raw.
Raw quail eggs are not only better absorbed by the body and saturate it with a lot of nutrients, but also beneficial to the digestive system and a stomach condition. They gently envelop the wall of this body that prevents the development of diseases associated with their injury, such as ulcers or gastritis. That's why it's particularly helpful to drink a couple of these tiny eggs on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal.
The danger in eating raw eggs no. Due to the fact that the body temperature of quails is 42оС that a few degrees higher than other domestic birds, they do not suffer from this dangerous infectious disease such as salmonellosis. That's why doctors recommend to eat raw quail eggs only.
Ideally, they should be consumed on an empty stomach, with water or, in extreme cases, natural juice. If you like this swallow a raw egg hard, can be prepared from it useful in a cocktail, mix it in the blender with natural juice, banana, or other fruits. In this drink you can also add a little natural honey.
In addition, raw quail eggs are often added to ready meals, for example, in mashed potatoes, soups, pasta or porridge. Very useful to put a raw egg cooked in water oatmeal. There you can add a spoonful of honey and olive oil. Thus, you get an effective remedy for the treatment of gastritis or stomach ulcers. There is such a dish is especially useful for Breakfast.
If very hard to force myself to swallow raw eggs, you can bake it for a few minutes in the oven. For this, you can break it in already cooked a large mushroom hat, in the middle of some kind of pellet or simply in a small bowl. For a couple of minutes in the oven nutrients do not have time to break down, but white of an egg, a bit of "grab" so that it will become more appetizing. In this way it is possible to give children a usually miniature egg they have is more delighted than the standard chicken.
With raw quail egg can also cook a delicious and healthy snack. For this purpose it must be mixed with cheese, your favorite spices and herbs. This mixture can be spread on bread or toast.
By the way, the shell of quail eggs are also useful to add in food, because it contains large amounts of trace elements, particularly calcium. Of course, only finely ground. It can be mixed with porridge, cottage cheese or even just with a raw egg.