Omens and superstitions before the wedding

Before the wedding in the Church under the threshold of the house in which you live young, you need to put the open lock, and then both to come over him. Then lock locked with a key, which is then discarded forever. The closed lock must be kept in the house as a symbol of the strong relationship between young.

It is believed that the process before the wedding the parents bless their children on a long and happy family life. The fact that parental blessing since ancient times had and now has great power. This is one of the most important to take before the wedding in the Church.

Before the wedding process young recommended in his clothes to stick on the pin – this will protect them from the evil eye of bad people. In Church for the wedding, a woman should get one road and get out of the temple – different.

You need to ensure that nobody dared to cross the road the young, heading to the temple for the wedding. In addition, to strengthen relationships and make marriage inviolable will oath of fidelity, the bride and groom to each other over the well. If a woman sits at the gate of the Church, all her sorrows and hardships will be left behind.

Omens and superstitions during the wedding ceremony

A good omen is snow coming during the wedding ceremony. It promises the young happiness. If the wedding process is accompanied by shower – to be the family stronger and richer. During the wedding you can't look each other in the eye, otherwise you can lose confidence. It is impossible to look back – it is possible to get a divorce.

During the wedding process between the young don't have no one to pass. Otherwise, their marriage will be doomed to imminent collapse. You need to understand that evil people can try to do so. So this incident happens, you can ask your friends to follow guests.

A crown (or wedding crown) must be worn on the head of the groom and bride. Otherwise, marriage before God is invalid. Moreover, it will be a bad omen: in this family soon someone widowed. Incidentally, one of the young Church candle will burn during the wedding ceremony – and to live longer. The crackling of the candles during the wedding ceremony – troubled life.

It is believed that a long and happy life provided the young in the case of the simultaneous blowing out the candles. You can't get married with any illness: it is considered that they are not cured. During the wedding ceremony under the feet of the young is underlain by a handkerchief or cloth: the young who will be the first to stand up, be head of the family.