To put the percentage of battery on the iPhone is very convenient to know exactly how much time you can still use the phone. The indicator will be right in front of the main panel, you do not need to install any extra applications that slow down your device. For it is not tedious to pay, because this function is provided by the developer.
To enable the percentage indicator, navigate to the menu of your iPhone by pressing the Central circular button on the front panel and go to settings device. They need to find a section on "Principal" and go to "Statistics" menu. Scroll down the menu, you will see a field called "battery Usage". Under it is the item "Charge percentage" slider. It needs to be put right, thereby enabling the display of the charging of the iPhone in percentage.
Now you can pay attention to the indicator in the upper right corner of the phone. You have got to put on the iPhone percentage charge.
Interestingly, this possibility was not available to the Iphone 3gs. Manufacturer added it only after upgrade to iOS 3.0.1. The owners of this gadget then assess the novelty in value, then this feature became commonplace not only for iPhones but also for many other smartphones. Prior to this innovation to deliver the charge level percentage on the iPhone was only possible through a special application.