Battery performance

The iPhone 5 is a powerful battery that allows the user approximately 8 hours to talk, or to watch video, 40 hours listening to music in the standard application. In idle mode, according to the developers, your phone should work almost 10 days. But with the active use of the Internet, SMS, calls and apps phone iOS 6 can withstand only a day after installing iOS 7 users began to complain about the reduction of mobile without undercharging for 2-2. 5 hours.
If you are unable to frequently charge the phone, but many use it, buy in store additional accessories external battery. It can double the life of your phone.

Ways to increase work time

If certain rules work iPhone 5 can be extended for several hours. First, it is not necessary constantly, but a short time to charge your phone, especially immediately after purchase. You need to use the whole battery and then charge the battery for 5-6 hours to 100%. Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the screen. Watch videos more enjoyable on a bright screen, but for SMS or calls will fit and darker lighting.

Also in the menu "Settings" you can disable geolocation: if you don't need GPS or maps, then you can disable this feature, and the phone will hold the charge longer. Another way to keep the battery longer to close running on the background. To do this, double-click the Home button and close all unnecessary applications.
If you have quickly sits down the battery, turn off auto update of programs, maybe is a waste of precious interest.

Standard the screen shows only the battery indicator, green indicates enough power, and red alerts you that the battery level is below 20 %. To find out how many percent charge left on your phone you need to enable a special function. To do this, go to "Settings" then "General" and "Statistics". Here you will find under "battery Usage" where you can set the option "Charge percentage" and see how much time has elapsed since the last full charge your phone.

If you need the phone for an important call, you can enable airplane mode which will save battery, but you will not be able to get through.
Don't forget to lock the phone when not in use. To maintain the backlight takes a lot of energy.

Practice shows that prolong the working time of the device with the help of these measures it is possible for 3-4 hours.