You will need
  • - AC charger.
In order to check the level of charge of the battery of your laptop, turn it on in the mode of operation from the battery, disconnect from power supply. In the lower right corner in the notification area of the operating system, locate the icon that displays the level of charge. In most cases it is divided into 3-5 parts. To see capacity remaining charge in percentage, double-click it with the left mouse button and review the information in the appeared new window.
In order to know the level of chargeremaining in the battery, cell phone, camera, GPS, or portable mp3 player, look for the appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This is usually a rough indicator of charge of the battery not showing percentage. Best choose when buying those devices in which this pictogram is divided into a larger number of compartments.
To know the level of charge a portable device, which does not provide for the presence of the LCD screen, pay attention to a specially installed LEDs that glow different colors to inform the user about the remaining time. Usually green (sometimes blue) color indicates that the battery is fully charged. Yellow or orange color suggests that the level of charge is average, and red diode informs user that the battery charge is running low. Such a system is usually provided in various Bluetooth headsets, portable CD players, landline phones, old cameras and so on. Also, this system applies to network chargers.
If you have a car, purchase a charger for your phone, navigation and other equipment, the battery powered car. This is especially useful in case if you have a long time to be away from home.