You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the child;
  • - the passport of the parent;
  • - the money for the payment of a fee.
Collect documentsrequired for registration of the child. If he's not 14 years old, prepare his birth certificate. If he is older, you will need his passport. Will also receive a document that is the basis for temporary registration. It may be a contract of employment or real estate. If you live with relatives, they can just write a statement that will allow you to log in to their apartment. The application must be written on behalf of one or more of the owners or responsible tenant if you apply for residence in municipal apartment.
Pay the state fee for the registration. Bank details you can learn in any branch of Sberbank, as there stands is such information. The receipt will also apply to the documents. The amount of the fee depends on your subject of the Federation.
Come to the passport office at the place of location of housing. One of the parents must fill out an application for temporary registration of minors. It is necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the child, the address, which will be issued for registration, and its term. The maximum period of temporary residence permits to five years. After that you need to put in the statement date and signature.

A child over fourteen years prepares and signs statement of its own, and over the age of sixteen can come to the passport office alone, without parents.
After this pass all the document to the employee of passport service. Don't forget to clarify when you will receive a document with registration.