To become an owner of a perfect smile, it is necessary to take preventive measures. Very often children and adolescents do not want to brush my teeth, go to the dentist or wear plate. Such stubbornness can lead to problems with malocclusion and jaw in adulthood.

Do it all the time

The easiest way to align the teeth in the home in childhood. An adult is unlikely to want to "brighten" your smile with braces. Parents need to closely, when out of the milk teeth begin to erupt root. It often happens that the first have not time to fall, and the second because of this growing curves. Basically, it is the case with posterior teeth and incisors. To avoid this, you need to remove milk teeth as soon as they start to stagger.

Which braces to choose

In case of insufficient prevention of curvature in childhood to align front teeth and bite will help of orthodontic braces braces. They're better than the album, which is easy to remove, lose or break and not put on one tooth. Braces on average are from one to three years, without removing. In the process of wearing, you must visit the dentist to tighten braces, directing a crooked tooth in the desired direction. Braces help align teeth at home at any age, made of ceramics, synthetic sapphire, plastic and metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. More fragile plastic is used for small children. Sapphire prevents the accumulation of plaque and the growth of microbes. Ceramics is disguised as the color of the enamel. The most popular metal because of its availability and low price, but can irritate the gums.

How to do without braces

Mothers of preschoolers often ask how to align teeth without braces. For young patients dentists offer removable trays or plates designed for fragile and rare teeth of young children. A mouth guard is a transparent insert of polymers, contour of the jaws and palate. The plate is removed at night and does not irritate the gums. To fabricate a mouth guard have to do an impression of the tooth, after performing the jaw. Children's plates are made from silicone and equipped with an expanding arc, the alignment of the teeth without direct contact with them. For adults, whose teeth are already well-established, the capacitor will be useless, since they do not straighten the teeth, and only temporarily fix them in position. Therefore, to align teeth without braces Mature people will not succeed.