About a month after the birth of the puppy, show it to the orthodontist and determine whether you have a malocclusion. The younger the animal, the easier it is to correct the defect. In the future, the inspection must be repeated at least once a year.
To avoid problems with the bite, do not give puppies as toys various rubber bone, toffees and other similar items. Such things become the cause of developmental disorders of teeth, especially in dogs miniature breeds.
If you have noticed dogsand the lack of dentition and occlusion, immediately decide the question of whether your pet is to participate in exhibitions and whether you want to sell purebred puppies. If a show career is not assumed, it is possible to leave it as is. A minor drawback, as a rule, does not prevent the animal to eat a healthy diet, and the treatment is extremely unpleasant and expensive. Often the problem is hereditary, so breeding your dogsand will not participate in any way.
If you decided to start treating dogs, contact your veterinarian orthodontist. In each case, the treatment is chosen individually.
Treatment is to install the special orthodontic plates. Find out at the vet, the better to feed the animal while wearing them and how long they can not be removed. Plate will cause dogse pain and discomfort during treatment treat your pet as affectionate and friendly. Your doctor may also recommend massage of the jaws. This method delivers much less discomfort, but the effectiveness of his below. Food during treatment should be rich in phosphorus and calcium, which strengthen teeth. After removing the plates no expert determines that your animal has had problems with bite.
In order to avoid violations of the timely remove milk teeth. To make it better in the clinic, but you can also call the vet at home.