Braces are an effective orthodontic system

Not everyone is born lucky to have smooth and beautiful teeth. Most, unfortunately, suffers from malocclusion or other problems. This curvature, and the emergence of the so-called "double teeth", and more.

But thanks to modern medicine, any of these dental flaws can be corrected. The main tool in this sphere are the braces.

Braces can be set from 12-13 years. Earlier is not recommended because at an earlier stage, the child may remain teeth. But for adults there is no age limit and braces can be installed even in 30-40 years. And they will be just as effective. The only time – the probability of a longer wearing braces, because the teeth of an adult human less readily amenable to corrections.

To dare to correct the bite and to put his braces after 30 years it is a courageous decision of a confident person. After all, many people still think braces are ugly, unsightly and highly unsightly.
But fortunately, there are different types of braces, and the patient always has the option to choose the most suitable option.

Types of braces

If the patient's main desire – that the braces were invisible, then the dental clinic has to offer lingual braces, that is, internal. They are also made of metal, but, unlike usual, are mounted not on the outer and on the inner side of the teeth. Such systems have another great advantage: it is much better to correct the bite, rather than other types of fixed corrective devices.

If the patient is aesthetics and fashion trends, the clinic can offer sapphire braces. They are mounted on the outer side of the teeth, but made of transparent and colorless sapphire crystals. These braces are nice on the teeth and correct imperfections no less effectively than normal.

All of the above types of braces are slightly more expensive than standard metal. However, even if the financial resources do not allow the patient to install expensive braces, that's no reason to completely abandon the treatment.

The more so because of contraindications to the installation of this treatment system not so much. In particular: the absence of a significant number of teeth, immune complex diseases, oncological diseases, tuberculosis and diseases associated with low levels of healing tissue in the body. As well as a number of endocrine diseases and serious illness of the psyche.

But the age on the effectiveness of braces is not exactly affected. And 30 years is not too late to change your smile for the better.