Braces – orthodontic design, are for correcting the position of teeth in the dentition or occlusion correction. This is a complex device consisting of several straps that are attached with a special glue on the teeth and are fastened together orthodontic arch. The strength of this arc, which is gradually bent, align the dentition and correct bite. Wearing braces usually lasting from one to several years depending on how complicated the problem facing the orthodontist. Without consulting a dentist to find out exactly how much will have to wear braces, it is impossible. But there are additional factors that affect the duration of treatment.

What determines the timing of wearing braces?

First time of wearing braces depends on how strongly curved tooth row or deviates from the norm form of the bite. The exact wearing time in this case is determined only after the rehabilitation of the oral cavity and some research, but about to set the date and by visual inspection. So, if outwardly deflection of the teeth in the jaw are almost invisible, the treatment can take several months, and if the condition of the dental system is running, then wearing braces will have a few years.

It should also be remembered that in most cases, after removing the braces it is necessary to use special brackets that are installed on the inner side of the teeth.

Also at the time of wearing braces is affected by age: in children and adolescents, the teeth are easier to move in the jaw, quickly become necessary so the braces do not have long to wear it (but there is a risk that a few years after their removal, the teeth will start to move and again takes the incorrect position), in adults after twenty-five years, the formation of the jaw is finished and the braces already have less influence on the position of the teeth, which increases the period of their use.

All people are individual organisms, and therefore the timing of correcting the bite or alignment of the dentition is different, and even experienced orthodontists can't always predict exactly how much you need to wear braces.

Quality and technology the braces are also important. Cheaper than braces and older the design, the slower will be the process of correcting the jaw, so it is recommended not to spare money for orthodontic treatment. There are also removable or fastened to the inner side of the teeth braces – they are invisible, and therefore preferable for those who value their appearance, but to wear them longer as they are slower.

If you often to prolong the arc, fastening braces, it is possible to accelerate the treatment process and to remove the design after a few months, but experienced doctors advise to reduce the time: first, it is quite painful, and second, the rapid result means a higher risk that after correcting the teeth back to its original position.