Advice 1: How to fix fangs

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. But straight teeth from birth — inheritance is not the majority of people. Modern dental technology offers different methods of changing the shape of teeth with prosthetic.
How to fix fangs
You will need
  • Orthodontic dentist, braces, teeth )
If you have fangs do not grow properly, you should first consult with the orthodontist. Together you will determine how to achieve the desired — it depends on the age, the need to repair the other teeth or the entire dentition.
In children under 12 years of age have not completed bone growth, so any violation of the provisions of the correct teeth by using removable plates. Treatment usually takes several months. Further, such children usually have no problems with the fangs.
In older age there are several options for correcting the fangs:and. You can only fix teeth, putting on their braces. Braces attached to the teeth, gradually move the tooth in three planes, and thus align the line of the teeth. It's quite a long process to obtain good results, it is sometimes necessary to wear braces a couple of years.b. You can speed up the process of setting the teeth in the right place, if pull teeth standing next to the fangs. Then braces it is much faster to "do their job" on the movement of canines into the space.
Such a remedy canines are quite effective, but there may be a new problem. When giving canines the correct position there is often a gap between the jaws, and it is not very convenient, and certainly not aesthetically pleasing. In this case, no additional correction of the bite not do. Then is the time to obtain the coveted result— a smooth series of teeth is greatly increased.
Quick fix fangs even at the present level of dentistry will not work. You need to be patient, and in a few years you will hear in his address: "What a nice smile!".
Useful advice
In any case, don't pull healthy teeth, in the tooth row is the most stable teeth, the more that bite then he is still not corrected.

Advice 2: How to fix gaps between teeth

Many psychics say that the wide gap between the teeth can meet the person successful and strong, who will be able to achieve everything in your life. But whether things for him if he cannot afford to smile widely. Therefore, such a mark can not be sure to consider the gift of God, and man tries by all means to get rid of it.
How to fix gaps between teeth
Watch carefully for their teeth, follow hygiene requirements, and Treme (gap between teethor diastema (gap between teeth, which is located in the front) will not harm the health of your teeth.
Contact your dentist if the problem still occur. Familiar orthodontic method. Teeth wear braces or splints. They eventually move the teeth. This method is also used to eliminate the three that doctors suggest to treat in contrast to the diastemata. Treme externally are invisible, and pieces of food get stuck in them very strongly, and tooth brush so narrow cracks do not clean out.
Try orthopedic method or dentures veneers. This ceramic plate, completely covers any gap. They also help to correct such a disadvantage, as the darkening of the enamel. First, the surface of the tooth is carefully prepared. Polished it, foryouth and coated with a protective gel. The doctor then bonds the veneers. To resolve the problem, they are bigger than the slot and glued in a special solution. I choose the colour in line with other teeththat there was a feeling of naturalness. After the final installation of the veneers are cleaned from glue residue and polished. If you choose this type of restoration, it is necessary to carefully treat the new teeth, because when biting hard foods can break away thin veneers.
Apply composite restoration. This is the cheapest and fastest way. It lies in the fact that the enamel of the tooth is not worn down, and create micro-roughness on it where increasing the composite material. On each tooth this increase is about an hour. Composite material easy restaurerede, it is elastic, but less color-fast and durable compared to ceramic material.
Use surgical plastic bridles upper and lower lip. Broad frenulum is attached close to the neck of the teeth, can often cause an increase diastema. Plastic frenulum is a simple surgical procedure: an injection for anesthesia, the incision and a few stitches.
Can be done with the help of artificial crowns prosthetics. But this method is better used when there is any dental evidence. If the teeth are healthy and whole, then grind them for a crown is simply a barbarism.
Don't worry if the gap between the teeth came from children of younger school and preschool age. It is not a disease. This means that the jaw grows and the teeth were cut, not all. So maybe while milk teeth will not change the constant. If you have doubts, you can consult the orthodontist.
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