You will need
  • Orthodontic dentist, braces, teeth )
If you have fangs do not grow properly, you should first consult with the orthodontist. Together you will determine how to achieve the desired — it depends on the age, the need to repair the other teeth or the entire dentition.
In children under 12 years of age have not completed bone growth, so any violation of the provisions of the correct teeth by using removable plates. Treatment usually takes several months. Further, such children usually have no problems with the fangs.
In older age there are several options for correcting the fangs:and. You can only fix teeth, putting on their braces. Braces attached to the teeth, gradually move the tooth in three planes, and thus align the line of the teeth. It's quite a long process to obtain good results, it is sometimes necessary to wear braces a couple of years.b. You can speed up the process of setting the teeth in the right place, if pull teeth standing next to the fangs. Then braces it is much faster to "do their job" on the movement of canines into the space.
Such a remedy canines are quite effective, but there may be a new problem. When giving canines the correct position there is often a gap between the jaws, and it is not very convenient, and certainly not aesthetically pleasing. In this case, no additional correction of the bite not do. Then is the time to obtain the coveted result— a smooth series of teeth is greatly increased.