In the energy field of a person is influenced by many factors. Everything is important – the conditions in which it was conceived the parents if it was done in bad place, at what time of day, day of week, month and year it happened. If the child was conceived during a solar or lunar Eclipse, its energy field will initially be violated, because during the eclipses changes the energy field of the Earth itself.
The energy of the person and from solar activity. People born while the Sun energy is more powerful, more resistant to the external environment. People born from 10 to 21 March, have energy, the ability to attract adventure. Therefore, for such people it is important to do cleaning of your bio-energy, to walk barefoot, to engage in physical labor. Children born in August have a more powerful energy and better health than children born in similar conditions, but in other months.
Normal biofield of a person is egg-shaped form and extends beyond the physical body to 40 centimeters is half a meter. However, you yourself could feel the change in energy of a person when the room includes a new guest, and it seems that it takes too much space and pushed everyone present. On the contrary, the same people who spent the whole night unnoticed, has weak energy.
Thanks to your intuition you will be able to determine the energy of the person and understand if it fits you. For this you only need to listen to their feelings. Don't you notice bouts of weakness after intercourse with a man? If you have exacerbation of chronic disease with prolonged contact with him? Do you feel peace and tranquility, being at close range? Do not swear on it? If all of the questions you have answered "no", it means that the energy field of this person is right for you.