You will need
  • Knowledge of the stages of psychosexual development of the child and his leading activities.
Due to the fact that both of these impulses already inherent in a small child, sublimation starts working from an early age. Those activities in which the child directs his energy, should give him no less pleasure than God. But if you use aggression or sexual activity, you can quickly achieve pleasure, the other will need to spend more effort and time to achieve the same feelings. The child begins to draw, to sculpt. Sublimation of energy through drawing can be attached as a favorite activity and person can use it throughout life. The attraction will be encrypted in symbols and in brightness of the image colors.
In adolescence, the sublimation energy requires additional forms, as it is a "breakthrough attraction". At this age children begin to actively engage in sports, find ways to release energy through movement.
Intellectualization is another form of sublimation, when teenagers direct all their energies in active learning activities: thinking like little philosophers, interested in new advances in science and technology. Parents direct the activities of children in the channel, which is most interesting for their son or daughter, or better suited for them in terms of specific physical or intellectual development.
Many adolescents seek their own method and form of sublimation of its energy. Sometimes they do not stay long in a particular section and move on to another until their energy will not find adequate expression in the corresponding activity.
At a young age to sublimate the energy of the best through labor. The labour remuneration for his pleasure. The work involved the whole body. Labor is not only exercise, but also an expression of their desires, which are impossible to implement. For example, if a child takes pleasure in aggression, you should tell him precisely those specialties that are partly associated with the implementation of this desire. For example, the surgeon: no fun to cut a human body or a tooth pulled is almost impossible. Acquiring this specialty, the young man sublimates his attraction and directs energy in socially meaningful activities.
Adults rarely have to sublimate sexual energy, because they have the opportunity to realize their dreams and fantasies with your lover. Elderly sublimate the energy through the need to grow fruit in the garden or in the garden. The reproductive function is manifested in the transfer to the plants, because children have to grow not need.