Why do I have a weak energy field?

The human energy field depends on the psychological state. If a person who loves life, his energy field will be much denser than constantly dissatisfied with life people. So if you constantly complain about life, looking for her dark side, annoyed by trifles, this can lead to a significant weakening of your energy. It should be noted that this relationship works both ways. If suddenly a normally happy life a person begins to act like a hypochondriac, most likely this means that his field, something happened.
If you force left, force yourself to relax. Best helps sleep, so use soothing teas or sleeping pill to convince your body how to sleep.

That hurts energy

Human energy is a tidbit for energy vampires. They are divided into two types. First provoke people to scandal, in fact, as man comes out of himself in the presence of such people, he loses the lion's share of his energy. The second type – whiners. Eternally dissatisfied people who seek and demand support and sympathy for any reason, can take away energy not worse kicker. If you suddenly realize that your energy level has decreased a great deal, remember if you had to quit for the last time, or engaged in fruitless consolations. If a similar incident was present in your life, minimise contact with people who took part in it. Observe your condition for some time.

Often the most dangerous energy vampires are the closest relatives. As a rule, they draw energy not from the evil. In this situation just have to try to control myself not to freak out in their presence and monitor their emotional reactions.
Take care love. It is very well restores energy level. During the lessons with something fun and interesting people to forget about fatigue and time.

Another common cause of energy losses – the anticipation of some very important events. Very often the most important events in our lives "pull together" in the future a huge amount of our energy. This is especially true of situations that can occur. All thoughts are concentrated on such future possibilities, and hence all the energy is also flowing to the same. Try to disconnect from such events, if it is in your future. Such energy depletion won't lead to anything good.