Advice 1: What are the causes of weak human energy

Human energy – a complex, balanced system that is not connected with biochemical processes in the body. The reasons for the depletion of human energy mass, it is important to understand which ones are key.
What are the causes of weak human energy

Why do I have a weak energy field?

The human energy field depends on the psychological state. If a person who loves life, his energy field will be much denser than constantly dissatisfied with life people. So if you constantly complain about life, looking for her dark side, annoyed by trifles, this can lead to a significant weakening of your energy. It should be noted that this relationship works both ways. If suddenly a normally happy life a person begins to act like a hypochondriac, most likely this means that his field, something happened.
If you force left, force yourself to relax. Best helps sleep, so use soothing teas or sleeping pill to convince your body how to sleep.

That hurts energy

Human energy is a tidbit for energy vampires. They are divided into two types. First provoke people to scandal, in fact, as man comes out of himself in the presence of such people, he loses the lion's share of his energy. The second type – whiners. Eternally dissatisfied people who seek and demand support and sympathy for any reason, can take away energy not worse kicker. If you suddenly realize that your energy level has decreased a great deal, remember if you had to quit for the last time, or engaged in fruitless consolations. If a similar incident was present in your life, minimise contact with people who took part in it. Observe your condition for some time.

Often the most dangerous energy vampires are the closest relatives. As a rule, they draw energy not from the evil. In this situation just have to try to control myself not to freak out in their presence and monitor their emotional reactions.
Take care love. It is very well restores energy level. During the lessons with something fun and interesting people to forget about fatigue and time.

Another common cause of energy losses – the anticipation of some very important events. Very often the most important events in our lives "pull together" in the future a huge amount of our energy. This is especially true of situations that can occur. All thoughts are concentrated on such future possibilities, and hence all the energy is also flowing to the same. Try to disconnect from such events, if it is in your future. Such energy depletion won't lead to anything good.

Advice 2: How to know that the person is an energy vampire

It happens that after talking with some people the mood changes for the worse, wasted body begins to torment the headache and overcome by a causeless melancholy. Beware: you may be dealing with an energy vampire.
How to know that the person is an energy vampire

Energy vampire - who is it?

This man has sharp fangs, is not some special color of the eyes and skin, does not bite and does not have to fear sunlight. It can be ordinary passers-by or even a loved one.

Energy vampires are no external manifestations of their "illness", they can absorb energy through handshakes, aggression, and just one glance. How, then, to learn that the man is stealing your energy and can defend against that?

How to calculate the energy vampire?

There are several key identifying characteristics of energy vampires:

- The conflict. He loves to cause others negative emotions, he shouts and swears in the case and just trying
to be sarcastic and argue with other people's opinions. This is the easiest and most common method of energy absorption.
- Stories about their problems. The vampire's important to find a "shoulder" to drain all the negativity. He can spend hours talking about their difficulties in life with absolutely no interest in the problems of the interlocutor.
- Jealousy and love of vengeance. If the vampire chose a constant victim, he will try to limit the range of its communication will be to take care of and be jealous of new friends.
Love to phone calls. Such people can have the whole evening to talk with the "donor" about anything, and after the conversation, the man feels himself overwhelmed and exhausted, as if he had gone somewhere vital energy. This applies to those girls-rattles, which often call and idle, and then not long can put the phone down.
Most often such people have a pronounced egoistic traits.

Where to get the antidote to energy vampire?

Throw into the far corner garlic, Holy water and silver bullets. You will need them, because to confront energy vampires are other ways.
If energy vampire is trying to provoke you into a conflict, silently leave the room or just skip his speech on deaf ears.

First, hold your emotions. Don't splash out to this man in response to his remarks the charge of their energy.

Second, do not listen to each sob stories (as in life and on the phone). Tell me that you're busy or you feel unwell.

Thirdly, if an energy vampire is a loved one, don't be afraid to tell him about your suggestion. Try to solve the problem together. If he does not understand you, consider whether you need such a friend.

Advice 3: What is the cause of death of the ballerina Ekaterina Maximova?

Ekaterina Maximova is one of the most outstanding Russian and Soviet ballerinas. In addition to virtuosic choreographic technique, she possessed incredible charisma and outstanding acting talent. The sudden departure of the great ballerina was a shock to her family, colleagues, students, and also for the thousands and thousands of fans not only in Russia but throughout the world.
What is the cause of death of the ballerina Ekaterina Maximova?
The body of Ekaterina Maximova, who died April 28, 2009, found in the apartment of her mother. According to doctors, the cause of death of the ballerina became acute heart failure.

The day before nothing foretold troubles. Ekaterina felt good and even went for a walk with the dog. 28 April was waiting for her at the rehearsal in the theater "Kremlin ballet". One of my colleagues even imagine could not, that Ekaterina Maximova will never cross the threshold of the theatre.

"Little elf" the Bolshoi theatre

Katya Maksimova childhood dream to dance and in 10 years became a student of Moscow choreographic school. In the years of training Maksimov made his debut in the party of Masha in Tchaikovsky's ballet "the Nutcracker". Almost immediately after graduation, Ekaterina Maximova was the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre. During tours abroad, the American press called the young ballerina "a wonderful little elf".

Not surprisingly, the main ballet stage of the country Maksimova sang all the lead roles in the classical repertoire: Giselle in the eponymous ballet Adana, Kitri in "don Quixote" Minkus), Odette – Odile and Aurora in "Swan lake" and "Sleeping beauty" by Tchaikovsky. Many danced the ballerina in the works of the contemporary repertoire, which since then have also become classics - Cinderella and Juliet in Prokofiev's ballet, Phrygia in "Spartacus" Khachaturian.

Maksimova on television and the silver screen

New revealed his acting and choreographic talent of Yekaterina Maximova in a wonderful film-ballet "Galatea", "Annie" and "the Old tango". In addition, Maksimova played a major role in the film Fuete, choreographic solution which was created by her husband – an outstanding dancer and choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev.

Ekaterina was not like other ballet divas. She's never been involved in intrigues and scandals. No wonder Maximov was called " the great quiet of the Bolshoi theatre.

In 1975, Ekaterina Maksimova has received a severe spinal injury, but was able to overcome the disease and return to the stage. Of course, over the years, old injuries never ceased to hurt her, but Ekaterina has always behaved like a real Queen.

Years pass since that sad day when Ekaterina Maximova passed away. But she still remembered and loved by connoisseurs of true art ballet of different generations.
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